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this is calamitas, the land of our father’s, our home. when king equitas died years ago his eldest son naturally took over the throne. king carion was not a bad king at first but power has corrupted him and now many in the land do not see him fit to be king. but he rules on. he had formed an allegiance with some of his lords to keep himself in power; they are called the shield. in comparison an alliance of lords has secretly formed in order to try and overtake the king and the members of the shield. these lords call themselves the sword and they intend to take carion on the throne to restore calamitas to it’s former glory.

but the lords of the realm are not the only ones fighting; guilds of assassins have come forward, waiting to be paid by either side. the even quieter witches and warlocks have started to emerge from hiding. magic was outlawed many years ago but they intend to have a say in the fight. the future is unclear but we’re taking kings and succession so anything goes.


Kings and Succession is a fantasy based, alternate universe war rp. It takes place in the mythical realm of Calamitas where the corrupt King Carion is being challenged by not only his lords but by witches, warlocks and assassins as well. K&S is set to open sometime in July. This tumblr is a promotion board and will be used in multiple ways. Followers who show interest and dedication to the site will be given early reservations on face claims and early entrance before the site is fully advertised. Please follow us, we promise good things to come!